Instant Eyes Love (2 twist pens)

Instant Eyes Love (2 twist pens)

190,00 lei

3167 lei / 100 ml



Typical signs of the aging process are crow‘s feet, dark circles under the eyes and bags under the eyes as well as drooping eyelids. Even the earliest signs can quickly result in a tired expression.

Instant Eyes Love is a tinted eye serum that immediately smooths fine lines and wrinkles, perfectly covers dark circles and tightens sagging skin on the upper and lower eyelids.

Instant Eyes Love consists of 99% natural ingredients that moisturize, care for and sus- tainably strengthen the skin. Among other things, aloe vera and rich shea butter can be found in the list of ingredients. The two inno- vative main active ingredients in Instant Eyes Love are Argireline and Eye’fectiveTM. They turn the serum into a highly effective and holistic care product that promotes a fresher appearance and healthier skin.

Argireline is an innovative peptide and a cos- metic alternative that has been proven to reduce expression lines. Argireline inhibits the contraction of the muscles, thereby re- ducing the depth and volume of wrinkles.

Eye’fectiveTM consists of the concentrated power of two white flowers, the ingredients of which have been proven to counteract dark circles, wrinkles and drowsy skin.

With Instant Eyes Love you get 2 twist pens in the colors LIGHT and DARK to be able to perfectly match every individual skin tone (mix & match).

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