Instant Wrinkle Eraser

Instant Wrinkle Eraser

390,00 lei

2600 lei / 100 ml


Mimic or dynamic wrinkles occur in the face as a result of our facial expressions, i.e. active muscle movements, such as laughing or the concentrated contraction of the eyebrows or the raising of the forehead.

Typical facial wrinkles are therefore laugh lines, crow‘s feet on the eyes, frown lines in the forehead area or the glabella lines between the eyebrows. The formation of facial wrinkles does not only have to do with our muscle movements, it is also favored by age-related changes in the skin. For example, elastic skin fibers recede, the subcutaneous fatty tissue decreases and moisture penetration and retention are significantly reduced by the aging process.

As a result, facial wrinkles remain visible even in moments when we are not performing any muscle movement.

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